Here, at EP Plus Group, we strive to provide an environment that inspires and encourages creativity in every facet. Employees can dare to explore with no fear of failure.

We believe in talent development, and thus, strategic and cutting-edge training programmes are the imperatives. We also have a non-training approach in place that helps to accelerate talent development so that we can identify the next level of growth for the EP Plus Group leadership team. One of these programmes is the MERCURIE Experiential Learning Programme, which adopts an experiential learning method through application rather than just knowledge transfer. MERCURIE helps translate knowledge into behavioural change.

Passionate about touching lives, our Founder cum Group Managing Director, Pang Tse-Ming makes it a point to engage, directly or informally with all employees to share his beliefs and vision.

EP Plus Group is a place where every employee is able to add value in his or her own way and be rewarded for his or her contributions.

Best Employer
Silver Award 2012

Top-of-the-Class Award
The Star Business Award 2012
(The highest award for this category for year 2012)


The EP Plus Group way of approaching things is unique, incorporating management practices,
which reinforce our Vision, Mission and Values.

Leadership style

We encourage our people to adopt situational leadership - tell, coach, support, delegate - depending on the situations and capabilities of employees.


We adopt an open communication philosophy where the sharing of information with fellow teammates is a norm. Our leaders also constantly share information about the company's progress while soliciting inputs. This two-way communication promotes openness and good team spirit.

  • Town Hall Meetings are conducted every quarter during National Cycle Meeting to update all employees
  • Employees are encouraged to ask questions and solve problems directly with peers, colleagues as well as customers and partners in a timely and respectful manner
  • We value face-to-face communication and always paraphrase to check accuracy of information communicated
  • We have an open door policy - employees can approach any level of management to share ideas or highlight issues at any time

We follow a meeting rhythm - weekly work preview, monthly and quarterly meetings to share information that will helps us to align and focus.

We also believe in regular quality conversations between manager and employee. To do that we have monthly 1:1 Employee’s Meetings that also includes performance feedback.

All meetings are run with clear objectives/outcomes, carefully planned agenda and ground rules spelled out for every participant.


We practice Consultative Decision-making for speed in solving issues; whereby there is a single decision maker who will listen to opinions and ideas. Upon making the decision (timely), the rationale of the decision is communicated to the staff and feedback is solicited before it is executed. It is important that once the decision has been made, everyone commits to move as one to execute to the decision.

Structured Brainstorming Session (Dump & Clump) is also initiated by the decision-maker to solicit ideas from stakeholders.


We use a Structured Problem Solving methodology to resolve issues in a timely, predictable and repeatable manner. This methodology provides a common language and structure to facilitate objective and timely solutions.

Conflict management

We have a Conflicts Resolutions Process in place that encourages individuals to resolve conflicts in a respectful and timely manner directly with peers or colleagues or superiors. Conflicts are only escalated to the manager when the resolutions are not forthcoming.


We try to under-promise and over-deliver. We build trust and conduct our business with integrity

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